What is LYRC and How to Promote LYRC



Video ideas for promoting LYRC:


All About the Louisiana Readers' Choice Program, YouTube Video: 33 Minutes Long, https://youtu.be/l0PiKtpT79A. This video explains what the Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Program and Louisiana Teen Readers' Choice Program are and how to participate. 


You can engage students in the literature found through the Louisiana Young Readers' Choice program by using multiple technology tools, curating your resources, and offering them multiple lenses to analyze their world. Margret Atkinson, English Language Arts teacher at Northwestern Middle School, ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) shares this video on incorporating literature with technology. https://youtu.be/XucqJb-HzJc

The technology resources mentioned in the video:
More Ideas from Educators:

Incorporating Writing Exercises

Tracking Reading:

***Remind students that if they read every single title on their LYRC list we can send a certificate signed by the State Librarian that they can be given at their school’s end of the year award ceremony.