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Nursery Rhyme Name Songs

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Spelling Names by Singing Old Songs with New Words

Preschoolers make major early literacy strides when they come to understand that the spoken word can be captured with the alphabet. This understanding often occurs as preschoolers learn to spell their own names. Songs that spell out children’s names help children remember the correct sequence of letters in their names.

“Nursery Rhyme Name Songs” provides such songs for names with 2 – 15 letters. The project adapts the lyrics of traditional nursery rhymes and children’s songs to help preschoolers develop early literacy skills with an emphasis on Letter Knowledge as children begin to:

  • Recognize their own names in print;
  • Spell their names orally;
  • Learn the names of the letters in their names;
  • Write their names;
  • Learn to sing nursery rhymes and children’s songs and,
  • Enjoy printable nursery rhyme mini books.

Project materials are available on two CD’s for non-commercial use. For more information on obtaining copies of the CD’s please contact the Associate State Librarian at (225) 342-4931 

CD #1 includes the following documents that may be downloaded as PDFs for non-commercial use:

How to Do This Project

Tips for Success

Ideas for Use in Public Libraries

Ideas for Use in Classrooms

Ideas for Use in Homes

Storybooks about Names

Songs about Names

Name-Related Activities and Crafts

Survey Results of Pilot

Project Testimonials

Song Sheets with words to traditional songs and name songs for 2-15 letter names; available in:

Printable Mini Books

CD #2 Songs includes recordings that demonstrate how to sing each traditional song and each name song. Download the song track listing as a PDF.