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2011 LYRC Grades 6-8 Ballot

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Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Award
Ballot 2011
Grades 6-8

“Amulet: The Stonekeeper Book One” by Kazu Kibuishi. 192 pages. Join Emily and Navin on their dark adventure to free their mother from a sinister underground world in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel.
Trade Cloth. Scholastic, Incorporated. 2008. 0-439-84680-3. $21.99 (Retail), $13.19 (School).
Trade Paper. Scholastic, Inc. 2008. 0-439-84681-1. $9.99.

“Bewitching Season” by Marissa Doyle. 352 pages. Seventeen year-old Persephone is on a magical adventure to thwart a plot that could harm Queen Victoria.
Trade Cloth. Henry Holt & Company. 2008. 0-8050-8251-4. $16.95.
Trade Paper. Henry Holt & Company. 2008. 0-312-59695-2. $8.99.

“Boys are Dogs” by Leslie Margolis. 192 pages. Do you have boy trouble? Do you have dog trouble? Did you know you can “fix’ both troubles the same way? In this humorous story, Sixth-grader Annabelle discovers that dealing with the boys at her new school is a lot like training a puppy.
Trade Cloth. Bloomsbury Publishing. 2008. 1-59990-221-4. $15.99.
Trade Paper. Bloomsbury Publishing. 2008. 1-59990-381-4. $6.99.
Compact Disc. Brilliance Audio. January 2009. 1-4233-7728-1. $24.99.

“The Cabinet of Wonders: Kronos Chronicles book 1” by Marie Rutkoski. 272 pages. After building a magical clock for Prince Rodolfo, Petra’s father returns home blinded. The prince stole his eyes so he could never create another clock. Join Petra, her pet spider, and a young pickpocket on their magical adventure to retrieve her father’s eyes. 
Trade Cloth. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. 2008. 0-374-31026-2. $16.95.
Trade Paper. Square Fish. March 2010. 0-312-60239-1. $6.99.
Compact Disc. Macmillan Audio. 2008. 1-4272-0548-5. $29.95.

“The Dangerous Days of Daniel X” by James Patterson. 272 pages. Follow Daniel on a multi-dimensional journey full of action, adventure, romance, suspense and aliens to discover who killed his family.
Trade Cloth. Little, Brown, & Company. 2008. 0-316-00292-5. $19.99.
Trade Paper. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. 2008. 0-316-00293-3. $7.99.
Compact Disc. Hachette Audio. 2009. 1-60024-615-X. $14.98.

“Diamond Willow” by Helen Frost. 111 pages. In this short Alaskan adventure story, a young girl with her sled team survive a snowstorm. Willow discovers her family roots and secrets along with a deep abiding love for her dog. The book is written in easy-to-read verse form.
Trade Cloth. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. 2008. 0-374-31776-3. $16.00.

“FOUND: The Missing Series” by Margaret Peterson Haddix. 320 pages. In this suspense mystery, thirty-six adopted 13-year-olds receive the same cryptic message: “You are one of the missing.” Mysterious forces bring them together as they discover the startling truths about their identities.
Trade Cloth. Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. 2008. 1-4169-5417-1. $15.99.
Trade Paper. Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. 2008. 1-4169-5421-X. $6.99.
Compact Disc. Recorded Books, LLC. 2008.1-4361-0694-X. $87.75.

“The Great Wide Sea” by Madaline Herlong. 288 pages. Devastated by their mother’s sudden death, 15-year-old Ben and his two younger brothers are shocked when their father sells their home and announces that they are going to live on a sailboat. During a storm at sea their father goes missing. Lost and on a crippled sailboat the boys must survive on their own.
Trade Cloth. Penguin Group USA. 2008. 0-670-06330-4. $16.99.

“Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet” by Sherri L. Smith. 176 pages. In order to impress her crush, Ana Shen invites him to her 8th grade graduation dinner. Unfortunately, her African-American grandparents and her Chinese grandparents do not always see eye to eye. Could this be a recipe for disaster?
Trade Cloth. Dell Publishing. 2008. 0-385-73417-4. $15.99.
Trade Paper. Random House Children’s Publishing. 2009. 0-440-23988-5. $6.99.

“The Juvie Three” by Gordon Korman. 256 pages. Arjay, Gecko, and Terence have messed up big. They are each serving time in juvenile prison but are offered a second chance in a group home with Mr. Healy. If any one of them mess up again they all go back to incarceration. They like the freedom but can they obey the strict rules, get along, and keep each other from messing this up?
Trade Cloth. Hyperion. 2008. 1-4231-0158-8. $15.99.
Trade Paper. Hyperion. 2008. 1-4231-0162-6. $7.99.

Stolen” by Vivian Vande Velde. 288 pages. Isabelle doesn’t know who she is. Could she be the little girl that the witch stole six years earlier? In this chilling suspense story, Isabelle must discovery her identity in time to save herself. 
Trade Cloth. Marshall Cavendish Corporation. 2008. 0-7614-5515-9. $16.99.

“Write Before Your Eyes” by Lisa Williams Kline. 192 pages. Gracie’s adventure begins when she finds an old blank journal at a yard sale. She discovers that everything she writes in the journal comes true and Gracie quickly must learn to be careful as she writes solutions to her family’s problems.
Trade Cloth. Random House Children’s Books. 2008. 0-385-73568-5. $15.99.
Library Binding. Random House Children’s Books. 2008. 0-385-90556-4. $18.99.