The State Library participates in the national efforts to collect data about public libraries and public library use.

Public Libraries in Louisiana: A Statistical Report
This is an annual report compiled from the data which is collected each year from each of the public library systems in Louisiana.

2000 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2001 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2002 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2003 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2004 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2005 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2006 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2007 Statistical Report pdf , excel 
2008 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2009 Statistical Report pdf , excel 
2010 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2011 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2012 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2013 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2014 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2015 Statistical Report pdf,  excel
2016 Statistical Report pdf,  excel
2017 Statistical Report pdf, excel
2018 Statistical Report pdf, excel


Louisiana Public Library Statistics:  Facts about Louisiana's Public Libraries and Their Economic Impact on the State

2008 Quick Facts
2009 Quick Facts
2010 Quick Facts
2011 Quick Facts
2012 Quick Facts


National Library Statistics

The American Library Association has an Office for Research and Statistics. They produce a number of reports with overall statistics on various kinds of libraries in the United States.

The Institute for Museum and Library Services is the federal agency charged with collecting data on public libraries in the United States. Their web site includes data on public libraries, a searchable directory of public libraries in the US, and a web-based software tool which can be used to compare either specific public libraries or public libraries based on specific data items.

The National Center for Educational Statistics gathers data on school (K – 12) and academic (community college, college, and university) libraries. They produce an annual report entitled The Digest of Educational Statistics.

Data compiled by state libraries
The Library Research Service (Colorado) has a page with links to public library statistics published on state library web sites. http://www.lrs.org/data-tools/public-libraries/other-states/



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