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Message from the State Librarian
Rebecca Hamilton, State Librarian

As the State Librarian of Louisiana, I invite you to explore the wealth of information and resources that the State Library offers through this web site. Through this site, we make available to our patrons a world of information organized in a way that makes it easy to retrieve and use.

It is important to us that this site epitomizes the five fundamental priorities that the State Library cherishes:
•    We serve state government and public libraries by collecting and disseminating public information and providing reference services and library materials, enhancing services through redirection of priorities and efforts.
•    We provide training and consulting to public libraries, assisting them in becoming stronger advocates within their communities, integrating digital resources effectively into services and operations, providing educational opportunities to cultivate knowledgeable, capable staff and implementing new technology whenever feasible.
•    The State Library meets the informational needs of the blind and physically–handicapped throughout the state as we move into a new realm of delivering information through technology.
•    We provide research and information services to state agencies, state employees and the general public in addition to acting as back-up to the reference services provided by the public libraries.
•    Finally, in recognizing the importance of instilling a love for reading at an early age, the State Library has developed a coordinated program to promote early childhood literacy and a lifelong love of reading among Louisianans that will contribute to the state’s overall economic growth and quality of life.

The State Library and our Board of Commissioners believe deeply in the ability of libraries to change lives and with that belief we provide programs and services to our public libraries that enable them at the local level to provide what their individual communities need. We also believe in intellectual freedom, equal access to information for all citizens, the importance of the literary and cultural heritage of Louisiana, and exposing all of our citizens to reading in order to build a culture of literacy in the great state of Louisiana.

In good times and in times of natural disasters, economic downturns, and government downsizing, the State Library stands ready to go the extra mile to serve all of Louisiana’s citizens by providing the most accurate, relevant and up to date information possible. Please enjoy your visit with us and welcome to the State Library of Louisiana!

Warm regards,


Rebecca Hamilton