Louisiana Gumbo: A Recipe for Empowerment
Lesson Plans for Louisiana Gumbo

Special Services
Louisiana Hotlines is published quarterly by the State Library of Louisiana, Talking Books and Braille Library (TBBL).   

Useful Web Links
A list of useful web sites selected by the State Library’s reference librarians.

Searching for Your Louisiana Ancestors on Microfilm
This is a guide to the genealogy collection in the State Library of Louisiana.  All genealogy books and microform are listed in the library’s online catalog and are available for borrowing through interlibrary loan.

Recorder of Documents

Louisiana Public Document Depository Program
Louisiana law requires that state agencies submit copies of their publications to the Recorder of Documents, located within the State Library, for distribution to depository libraries throughout the state via the Louisiana Public Document Depository Program (PDDP).  This page includes information for state agencies, depository libraries, and the general public.

Public Library Information
Handbook for Louisiana Library Directors (pdf)
This handbook was compiled to serve as a practical guide for Louisiana library directors, to illustrate how and why administrative tasks are generally performed in order to provide something concrete to apply to a library's unique situations.

Library Laws of Louisiana
This publication is not available online. For libraries interested in obtaining a copy, please contact Library Development at 225.342.4931.

LoanSHARK Cataloging Guidelines
For catalog records to work well in a library’s catalog, it is important that they all follow the same descriptive standards. This is even more critical when the catalog is a union database, such as LoanSHARK.  The following are some cataloging and record handling tips that will increase the chances of your library record’s merging with others that describe the same item.

Public Librarians’Response To Hurricanes 2010  (pdf)

Standards for Louisiana Public Libraries, 2010 (pdf)
The standards in this document were developed over a 12-month period and are intended to be used by Directors, staff, and Library Boards to improve the quality of library service to the residents of Louisiana.

State of the State Library 2010 (PowerPoint)
Rebecca Hamilton’s presentation of the State of the State Library 2010, including information regarding budget, public library assistance, programs, and future plans.

State of the State Library Fall 2011 (PowerPoint)

State of the State Library Spring 2011 (PowerPoint)
Rebecca Hamilton’s presentation of the State of the State Library 2011, including information regarding budget, public library assistance, programs and future plans.

State Of The State Library 2012 (PowerPoint)

State Of The State Library 2013 (PowerPoint)

State Of The State Library 2014 (PowerPoint)

State Of The State Library 2017 (PDF)

Video Interview with Rebecca Hamilton regarding emergency/hurricane preparedness in public libraries

Statistical Reports:  Public Libraries in Louisiana
2000 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2001 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2002 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2003 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2004 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2005 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2006 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2007 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2008 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2009 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2010 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2011 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2012 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2013 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2014 Statistical Report pdf , excel
2015 Statistical Report pdf,  excel
2016 Statistical Report pdfexcel


Louisiana Public Library Statistics:  Facts about Louisiana's Public Libraries and Their Economic Impact on the State 
2008 Quick Facts (pdf)
2009 Quick Facts (pdf)
2010 Quick Facts (pdf)
2011 Quick Facts (pdf)
2012 Quick Facts (pdf)