Die-Cut Blocks Catalog

Complete Alphabetical Index

Item #DescriptionCategory
DC06145Airplane 3Transportation & Vehicles
DC06146Airplane 4Transportation & Vehicles
DC01301Airplane 747Transportation & Vehicles
DC06342Album CoverLibrary / School
DC06343Album PageLibrary / School
DC04155Ampersand, Exclamation Mark & CommaAlphabet & Punctuation
DC95140Angel 1Christmas
DC95141Angel 2Christmas
DC00303Angel 6Christmas
DC06340Antler MaskMasks
DC07103Award 2Signs / Symbols
DC95125Award SealSigns / Symbols
DC00105Baby 4People
DC05112Baby Elephant 2Animals
DC97113Badge 2Texas / Western
DC01313Bag - Heart 1Three-Dimensional
DC06310Bag 1Three-Dimensional
DC06126Banana PeeledFood
DC06347BarnBuildings & Houses
DC99129BarnHome / Household
DC97114Baseball CapClothing & Accessories
DC04102Baseball PlayerPeople
DC04305Basket - BunnyThree-Dimensional
DC05311Basket 2Home / Household
DC01312Basket 4Three-Dimensional
DC06318Basket 6Three-Dimensional
DC99118Bat 1Animals
DC02113Bear 1Animals
DC05123Bear CubAnimals
DC99117BeetleBirds & Bugs
DC95130BicycleTransportation & Vehicles
DC01113Bird 6Birds & Bugs
DC97303Birdhouse 1Birds & Bugs
DC99304Birthday Cake 1Celebrations
DC02301Birthday Cake 3Celebrations
DC00306Black CatAnimals
DC96103BluebonnetTexas / Western
DC95104Book, ClosedLibrary / School
DC97307Book, OpenLibrary / School
DC06314Book, Open 2Library / School
DC97127Bookmark - AngelBookmarks
DC99307Bookmark - AwardBookmarks
DC06149Bookmark - Bird 2Bookmarks
DC99101Bookmark - BootBookmarks
DC99308Bookmark - BootBookmarks
DC00101Bookmark - Boy ReadingBookmarks
DC01108Bookmark - Candy CaneBookmarks
DC95156Bookmark - Christmas TreeBookmarks
DC95157Bookmark - ClownBookmarks
DC97125Bookmark - CrayonBookmarks
DC06150Bookmark - DogBookmarks
DC07104Bookmark - EagleBookmarks
DC95160Bookmark - EagleBookmarks
DC95161Bookmark - ElephantBookmarks
DC06151Bookmark - ElfBookmarks
DC97126Bookmark - FishBookmarks
DC95152Bookmark - GenericBookmarks
DC00102Bookmark - Girl ReadingBookmarks
DC06152Bookmark - HeartBookmarks
DC95162Bookmark - HeartBookmarks
DC01109Bookmark - MouseBookmarks
DC03109Bookmark - PencilBookmarks
DC99309Bookmark - PencilBookmarks
DC07105Bookmark - PumpkinBookmarks
DC05127Bookmark - SantaBookmarks
DC05128Bookmark - Seal with BallBookmarks
DC06153Bookmark - StarBookmarks
DC95163Bookmark - StarBookmarks
DC95164Bookmark - Teddy BearBookmarks
DC06154Bookmark - WalrusBookmarks
DC95165Bookmark - WormBookmarks
DC06203Bookmark 2Bookmarks
DC05136Books, ShelvedLibrary / School
DC99310Boot, HikingClothing & Accessories
DC97201Border - CrownBorders
DC99205Border - HeartsBorders
DC99202Border - HollyBorders
DC04205Border - Paper DollsBorders
DC97120Bow 1Celebrations
DC06301Box - Christmas TreeThree-Dimensional
DC06307Box - Closing HeartThree-Dimensional
DC06351Box - PumpkinThree-Dimensional
DC06303Box 1Three-Dimensional
DC04306Box 14Three-Dimensional
DC03306Box 15 with StarThree-Dimensional
DC06309Box 3Three-Dimensional
DC06306Box 7Three-Dimensional
DC00103Boy 4People
DC00106Boy in WheelchairPeople
DC95134Boy RunningPeople
DC02150Bronco with RiderTexas / Western
DC99110BulldozerTransportation & Vehicles
DC97106Bunny 2Animals
DC95318Bunny BoxThree-Dimensional
DC06305Bunny MaskMasks
DC01111Butterfly 1Birds & Bugs
DC97123Butterfly 3Birds & Bugs
DC06135Butterfly 5Birds & Bugs
DC05117Cactus 1Texas / Western
DC05118Cactus 2Texas / Western
DC99311Cactus XLNature
DC01309Camel 2Animals
DC04104CameraHome / Household
DC06106Candle 2Celebrations
DC04307Candy CaneChristmas
DC97324CarTransportation & Vehicles
DC04105Car - VW BeetleTransportation & Vehicles
DC06108CardinalBirds & Bugs
DC97313Castle 2Buildings & Houses
DC99312Cat #2Animals
DC06155Cat 2Animals
DC95320Cat MaskMasks
DC06134CaterpillarBirds & Bugs
DC95119Caution SignSigns / Symbols
DC04157Christmas LightChristmas
DC95145Christmas Ornament 1Christmas
DC00108Christmas Ornament 3Christmas
DC02147Christmas Ornament 3BChristmas
DC00109Christmas Ornament 4Christmas
DC95147Christmas Stocking 1Christmas
DC00124Christmas Stocking 2Christmas
DC95148Christmas Tree 1Christmas
DC97312Christmas Tree 2Christmas
DC00111Christmas Trees - NestedChristmas
DC05310Christmas Wreath & BowChristmas
DC00311ChurchBuildings & Houses
DC05107Circus ElephantAnimals
DC05108Circus LionAnimals
DC05109Circus Sea LionAnimals
DC00312City HallBuildings & Houses
DC99313Computer, LaptopElectronic Devices
DC06319CottageBuildings & Houses
DC02152Country SnowmanCelebrations
DC02308Covered WagonTransportation & Vehicles
DC99126Cow 1Animals
DC02116Cowboy 3People
DC96125Cowboy BootTexas / Western
DC02143Cowboy Hand PuppetPuppets
DC96127Cowboy HatTexas / Western
DC97129Cowboy HatTexas / Western
DC02117Cowgirl 1People
DC06109Crawling BabyPeople
DC97122Crown 1Fairy Tales & Stories
DC02311Crown 4Fairy Tales & Stories
DC99333Cube (with machine adapter cutting pad)Three-Dimensional
DC95107Dinosaur 1Animals
DC95108Dinosaur 2Animals
DC95110Dinosaur 4Animals
DC02109Dinosaur 5Animals
DC02110Dinosaur 6Animals
DC02111Dinosaur 7Animals
DC02112Dinosaur 8Animals
DC06330DiplomaLibrary / School
DC06157Dog - LabradorAnimals
DC97109Dog FaceAnimals
DC06308Dog MaskMasks
DC95129DolphinAquatic Life
DC01119Dove 3Birds & Bugs
DC99116DragonflyBirds & Bugs
DC04159Duck 3Birds & Bugs
DC99109Dump TruckTransportation & Vehicles
DC05110Easter LilyNature
DC02312Egg - EasterEaster
DC99315Eiffel TowerBuildings & Houses
DC01101Elephant 1Animals
DC06167ExcavatorTransportation & Vehicles
DC06322FalconBirds & Bugs
DC00313Fire StationBuildings & Houses
DC02126Fire TruckTransportation & Vehicles
DC01310FireplaceHome / Household
DC99123Fish - BettaAquatic Life
DC04160Fish 2Aquatic Life
DC06161Fish 4Aquatic Life
DC06116FlamingoBirds & Bugs
DC04109Flower 5Nature
DC06202Fold & TuckThree-Dimensional
DC06302Fold-up HeartThree-Dimensional
DC04112Football PlayerPeople
DC99337Football Player #2People
DC04308Footprint 3Miscellaneous
DC00113Four Leaf CloverSt. Patrick's Day
DC06143Frame - AwardPicture Frames
DC06144Frame - BalloonPicture Frames
DC06165Frame - HeartPicture Frames
DC95126Frame - HeartPicture Frames
DC06332Frame - PolaroidPicture Frames
DC99302Frame - Rectangle with HeartPicture Frames
DC00308Frame - Rectangle with StarPicture Frames
DC95127Frame - Small HeartPicture Frames
DC06166Frame - StarPicture Frames
DC95101Frame StandPicture Frames
DC02140Frog - LeapingAnimals
DC02132Gift BowCelebrations
DC95149Gift with BowCelebrations
DC97323Gingerbread BoyFairy Tales & Stories
DC97311Gingerbread HouseFairy Tales & Stories
DC01102Giraffe 1Animals
DC00104Girl 4People
DC95133Girl RunningPeople
DC04309GlobeLibrary / School
DC04161Goat 2Animals
DC95111Graduation CapLibrary / School
DC99113GrasshopperBirds & Bugs
DC02302Gumball MachineFood
DC07107Hanging HeartThree-Dimensional
DC07108Hanging StarThree-Dimensional
DC00123Happy Face 2Miscellaneous
DC06114HawkBirds & Bugs
DC97102Heart 2Valentine's Day
DC95312Heart Nut CupThree-Dimensional
DC00112Hearts - NestedValentine's Day
DC99316Hearts, TinyValentine's Day
DC02309HelicopterTransportation & Vehicles
DC99334Hexagon / TriangleThree-Dimensional
DC05103Hockey PlayerPeople
DC05135Honey PotFood
DC05134Horned ToadTexas / Western
DC99125Horse 1Animals
DC05304Hot Air BalloonTransportation & Vehicles
DC01118Ice Cream ConeFood
DC99318Ice Pop (Popsicle)Food
DC99319Indian (Native American)People
DC95123Indian HeadPeople
DC04163Jalapeño PepperFood
DC99320JeepTransportation & Vehicles
DC05120Jingle BellChristmas
DC02313Kite 2 with BowsMiscellaneous
DC99121Kitten 2Animals
DC06133Knight on HorseFairy Tales & Stories
DC02124Lamp - GenieFairy Tales & Stories
DC95316Large Angel 1Christmas
DC95317Large Angel 2Christmas
DC97306Large AppleFood
DC96302Large BluebonnetTexas / Western
DC97304Large Bow 1Celebrations
DC97316Large Bunny 2Animals
DC97315Large Butterfly 3Birds & Bugs
DC06323Large CaterpillarBirds & Bugs
DC96304Large DogAnimals
DC96312Large Handicap SymbolSigns / Symbols
DC96305Large Heart 2Valentine's Day
DC96306Large Kitten 1Animals
DC97314Large Pumpkin 1Halloween
DC97317Large Pumpkin 2Halloween
DC97308Large Snowflake 3Nature
DC96307Large Star 1Nature
DC96301Large TexasTexas / Western
DC04164Leaf - AutumnNature
DC97117Leaf - BirchNature
DC96130Leaf - MapleNature
DC96131Leaf - OakNature
DC06329Leaves 3Nature
DC02125Liberty BellPatriotism
DC00314LibraryBuildings & Houses
DC95313Library SymbolLibrary / School
DC99321Library Symbol (small)Library / School
DC05131Light BulbHome / Household
DC99322Log CabinBuildings & Houses
DC02315Log Cabin 2Buildings & Houses
DC03105Magnifying GlassMiscellaneous
DC00301Man 3People
DC06117ManateeAquatic Life
DC95112Martin Luther KingPeople
DC06346McGruffSigns / Symbols
DC02148MenorahReligious Symbols
DC96106Mini AwardsSigns / Symbols
DC97124Mini Birthday CandlesCelebrations
DC02101Mini ButterfliesBirds & Bugs
DC95150Mini Christmas LightsChristmas
DC02102Mini Christmas TreesChristmas
DC06115Mini Circle AccentsMiscellaneous
DC95137Mini EggsFood
DC05121Mini GhostsHalloween
DC02137Mini Happy FacesMiscellaneous
DC99112Mini HeartsValentine's Day
DC03104Mini Ivy LeavesNature
DC00122Mini LeavesNature
DC04166Mini Musical NotesMiscellaneous
DC04122Mini Snowflakes 2Nature
DC06141Mini SpaceMiscellaneous
DC99111Mini StarsNature
DC02103Mini Teddy BearsFairy Tales & Stories
DC99323MinivanTransportation & Vehicles
DC06130Mitten 2Clothing & Accessories
DC01304Mobile HangerMiscellaneous
DC01104Monkey 2Animals
DC04165Monkey 5Animals
DC02303Moon 2Nature
DC97318Mouse 2Animals
DC05111Mouse 3Animals
DC06341Mouse MaskMasks
DC05308Movie ClapperMiscellaneous
DC95310Name Plate - StarThree-Dimensional
DC02118Native American 2People
DC06168Native American Man 2People
DC06169Native American WomanPeople
DC02306Noah's Ark 1Transportation & Vehicles
DC95204Note Card - Folded HeartThree-Dimensional
DC06317Note Card - ScallopedThree-Dimensional
DC06328Ocean LinerTransportation & Vehicles
DC99324Ocean Liner (small)Transportation & Vehicles
DC00115OwlBirds & Bugs
DC99325PagodaBuildings & Houses
DC06312Palm Tree 2Nature
DC99120ParakeetBirds & Bugs
DC99102Party Hat 1Celebrations
DC99306Party PopperCelebrations
DC03108Paw Print 1Miscellaneous
DC06119Penguin 3Birds & Bugs
DC05302Pennant 2Miscellaneous
DC04312Piggy BankHome / Household
DC97118Pilgrim HatThanksgiving
DC01306Pilgrim ShipTransportation & Vehicles
DC06132Pilgrim ShipTransportation & Vehicles
DC03302Pirate HatClothing & Accessories
DC02123Pizza SliceFood
DC02314Pizza Slice with ToppingsFood
DC00315Police StationBuildings & Houses
DC95303Pop Up - BunnyThree-Dimensional
DC95304Pop Up - Christmas TreeThree-Dimensional
DC95305Pop Up - GhostThree-Dimensional
DC95306Pop Up - HeartThree-Dimensional
DC06137Princess 3Fairy Tales & Stories
DC95138Pumpkin 2Halloween
DC04302Pumpkin HouseFairy Tales & Stories
DC05307Pumpkin PatchHalloween
DC97321Puppet BodyPuppets
DC97115Puppet Hair 1Puppets
DC01105Puppet Hair 2Puppets
DC97116Puppet Hair 3Puppets
DC01106Puppet Hair 4Puppets
DC95132Puppy 1Animals
DC06320Purse 4Three-Dimensional
DC04154Question Mark & ParenthesisAlphabet & Punctuation
DC99326Rabbit #3Animals
DC02131Rabbit 1Animals
DC03303Rabbit 5Easter
DC03304Rabbit 6Easter
DC95118Railroad SignSigns / Symbols
DC95121Recycle SymbolSigns / Symbols
DC01112Rhinoceros 2Animals
DC05129RibbonSigns / Symbols
DC06331Rocket ShipTransportation & Vehicles
DC05114Rose 3Nature
DC06335Sack Puppet - CowPuppets
DC06336Sack Puppet - DuckPuppets
DC06337Sack Puppet - PigPuppets
DC06338Sack Puppet - RabbitPuppets
DC06112Sailboat 5Transportation & Vehicles
DC97301Santa 2Christmas
DC03305Santa 3Christmas
DC06325Scalloped PurseThree-Dimensional
DC00316School 2Buildings & Houses
DC99114ScorpionBirds & Bugs
DC99107Sea HorseAquatic Life
DC06129Seal 2Aquatic Life
DC06125Shark 2Aquatic Life
DC06344Shell 1Aquatic Life
DC06333Shoe for LacingClothing & Accessories
DC04313Sign PostSigns / Symbols
DC99329Skate, InlineClothing & Accessories
DC06107Skeleton KeyHome / Household
DC00304Sleigh 1Christmas
DC95142Small Angel 1Christmas
DC95143Small Angel 2Christmas
DC96122Small BellLibrary / School
DC95103Small Book, ClosedLibrary / School
DC95144Small Candy CaneChristmas
DC01114Small Christmas Tree 3Christmas
DC96126Small Cowboy HatTexas / Western
DC95135Small CupidValentine's Day
DC00107Small Gift with BowCelebrations
DC96128Small Gingerbread ManFairy Tales & Stories
DC96111Small Kitten 1Animals
DC96113Small Snowman 1Celebrations
DC96102Small TexasTexas / Western
DC06345Smokey BearSigns / Symbols
DC95151Snowflake 1Nature
DC97119Snowflake 3Nature
DC99303Snowflake 4Nature
DC99103Snowman 2Celebrations
DC04113Soccer Player - GirlPeople
DC99108Space Shuttle 2Transportation & Vehicles
DC99115Spider 1Birds & Bugs
DC96116Star 1Nature
DC04167Star 1 - NestedNature
DC97111Star 2Nature
DC99105StarfishAquatic Life
DC95117Stop SignSigns / Symbols
DC04311Striped HatClothing & Accessories
DC02305Sun 2Nature
DC96313Sun with Happy FaceNature
DC06131Swiss CheeseFood
DC99330Taj MahalBuildings & Houses
DC06147Teddy BearFairy Tales & Stories
DC97320Teddy Bear 4Fairy Tales & Stories
DC97121Teddy Bear 6Fairy Tales & Stories
DC97128Teddy Bear FaceFairy Tales & Stories
DC02307TeepeeHome / Household
DC99331Telephone, CellularElectronic Devices
DC99332TelevisionElectronic Devices
DC00310Tent 1Home / Household
DC04128The Letter "A"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04129The Letter "B"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04130The Letter "C"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04131The Letter "D"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04132The Letter "E"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04133The Letter "F"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04134The Letter "G"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04135The Letter "H"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04136The Letter "I"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04137The Letter "J"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04138The Letter "K"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04139The Letter "L"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04140The Letter "M"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04141The Letter "N"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04142The Letter "O"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04143The Letter "P"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04144The Letter "Q"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04145The Letter "R"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04146The Letter "S"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04147The Letter "T"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04148The Letter "U"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04149The Letter "V"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04150The Letter "W"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04151The Letter "X"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04152The Letter "Y"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC04153The Letter "Z"Alphabet & Punctuation
DC06348Toothbrush & ToothHome / Household
DC06349ToothpasteHome / Household
DC99128Tractor 1Transportation & Vehicles
DC95115Traffic LightSigns / Symbols
DC05130Treasure ChestMiscellaneous
DC99301Treasure ChestThree-Dimensional
DC06327Trophy 2Celebrations
DC97302TruckTransportation & Vehicles
DC95139TurkeyBirds & Bugs
DC01307Turkey 2Birds & Bugs
DC99119Turtle 2Animals
DC00119Umbrella 2Home / Household
DC05305VisorClothing & Accessories
DC06121Walrus 2Aquatic Life
DC05303Wedding BellsCelebrations
DC05104Weight LifterPeople
DC96120Whale 1Aquatic Life
DC02310WindmillBuildings & Houses
DC02120WizardFairy Tales & Stories
DC06321Wizard HatClothing & Accessories
DC00302Woman 3People
DC01202Word - ChristmasWords
DC02202Word - God Bless AmericaWords
DC01203Word - LibraryWords
DC02127Word - LoveWords
DC06110Word - MerryWords
DC02316Word - ReadWords
DC02204Word - TexasWords
DC01204Word - ThanksgivingWords
DC03301Word - USA 2Words
DC01205Word - WelcomeWords
DC95116Yield SignSigns / Symbols