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The Louisiana Public Document Depository Program (PDDP) is established in the Office of the State Library, Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.  The program is administered by the Recorder of Documents Office, Technical Services Division, under the direction of the State Librarian.

Shipping Lists for Print Documents
September 2019  PDF  MS Excel
August 2019  PDF  MS Excel
July 2019  PDF  MS Excel
June 2019  PDF  MS Excel
May 2019  PDF  MS Excel
April 2019  PDF  MS Excel
March 2019  PDF  MS Excel
February 2019  PDF  MS Excel  PDF-Rev  MS Excel-Rev
January 2019  PDF  MS Excel
December 2018  PDF  MS Excel
November 2018  PDF  MS Excel
October 2018  PDF  MS Excel
September 2018  PDF  MS Excel


Lists for Digital Documents
January-March 2018  PDF  MS Excel  PDF-Rev  MS Excel-Rev
April-June 2018  PDF  MS Excel  PDF-Rev  MS Excel-Rev


Monthly Shipment Chart by Library 2019

Training Presentation on LADNs with Audio (MP4)

Training Presentation on the Selection System with Audio (MP4)

Contact information:  Recorder of Documents Office, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (225) 342-4929.