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General Collection

The materials in the general collection are located on the third and fourth floors of the Library. This collection is designed to serve the needs of state government and to supplement the holdings of the state’s public, school, institutional and special libraries in support of the informational and recreational needs of Louisiana residents.

The general collection covers the broadest spectrum of subject matter and strives to represent the best authorities in all fields and to present a balance of differing points of view on controversial issues. While books comprise the majority of the collection, magazines, newspapers, federal government publications, microform and electronic resources are also included.

All materials in the general collection are listed in the library’s online catalog  and most may be borrowed.

Special materials in the general collection include:
• Federal documents
• Foreign language materials encompassing major literary works, fiction, folktales and some vocational/technical works;
• Grants directories and grant-writing materials;
• Library and information sciences materials;
• Study guides for civil service, high school equivalency, college entrance and licensing examinations; and
• Study materials for learning English and passing the examination for U.S. citizenship.

The general collection does not include:
• Juvenile materials unless they provide introductory level information that is usable by adults or unless they are Louisiana-related;
• Most textbooks and highly specialized or technical materials; or
• Popular fiction unless the title has literary merit.