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Tips for Sharing a Book with a Child
1. Tell a child about the pictures in a book using your own words. Point to the pictures as you describe them.
2. When you read the book to a child, point to the words as you read. This helps the child to know that you are saying the words on the page and not just talking about the pictures.
3. After a child has become familiar with the rhyme, when you read it, stop before the last word on the page and let the child say the last word.
4. Encourage the child to tell YOU about the pictures. This will help the child to learn new words.
a. Pick out something in the picture that you want the child to notice.
b. Ask the child, “Where’s the _____?” and wait for the child to point to it.
If the child points correctly:
• Say, “Yes! That’s the _____!”
• Say something else about the object in the picture, like, “Yes! That’s the lamb. The lamb is smelling the flowers.”
• When you can, show the child a real example of things in the pictures.
If the child points to something else:
• Say, “That’s the _____” and tell the child what it is.
• Then say, “Here’s the _______” and point to the thing you wanted the child to notice.
• After a little while you share the book with the child, ask again, “Where’s the ______?”

Nursery Rhyme Resources

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Nursery rhymes help young children become ready to learn to read! Children hear new words and new ways of making sentences from nursery rhymes. Many rhymes are also little stories that help children understand and remember a series of events.