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The Library Development Division provides consultative assistance and training to public and institutional libraries across the state. Consultants from the State Library visit each library system regularly. They consult routinely by telephone and e-mail, advising directors, staff and trustees on planning, programs, new services, construction, administration and management of libraries, and legal and ethical issues.

This team of experienced librarians answers more than 10,000 questions annually from public library directors and trustees.

Specially-trained library consultants assist 336 public libraries in applying for more than $4 million in Federal E-rate discounts annually. E-rate supplies Internet and telecommunications services for public libraries. This is not funding, but a direct savings of more than $4 million for Louisiana taxpayers.

Legislation on local and national levels that will impact libraries is tracked, monitored and explained to the public libraries. The State Library speaks on behalf of the local libraries at the Capitol. It also solicits and administers grants from government and private sources.

Hundreds of public library staff participate every year in professional development opportunities provided by the State Library.

The State Library collects and administers statistics for the Federal-State Cooperative System, the State Library Agencies Report, and other statistics as required.

Libraries across the state participate in summer reading programs. The State Library provides the manuals for children, teens, and adult programs.

In its role as a resource to public libraries, the State Library produces and distributes publications, including Library Laws of Louisiana and Public Libraries in Louisiana: Statistical Report, as well as occasional pamphlets and reports.

The State Library also works with the Louisiana Library Association to publish the Handbook for Public Library Directors, the Library Trustee Handbook, and the Standards for Louisiana Public Libraries.