Readers Advisory

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Reader Advisory Service
What happens when you have read all the books in the Talking Books and Braille Library collection by your favorite author or you are looking for a good mystery or romance to read? The TBBL staff, trained in reader advisory techniques, is there to help you find more books with the author and subject characteristics similar to those you have enjoyed in the past.

TBBL has a great team of reader advisors who work closely with Library patrons to assist them in finding interesting books. TBBL patrons are assigned to a reader advisor when their Library service is started. Reader advisors are assigned patrons based on a range of the alphabet and the first letter of your last name determines your reader advisor. An exception to this rule is that children and teens, up to the age of 19, receive reader advisory services from the Children and Teen Services Librarian. The receptionist can always assist you if you cannot remember your reader advisor’s name.

Reader advisors are familiar with the TBBL collections and stay aware of patron reading interests and publishing trends. They use a variety of print and online tools to make suggestions for titles, authors and subjects that might be appealing to patrons. They provide personalized service to each TBBL reader, answer reference questions, maintain computer records and patron files, and keep a steady flow of library materials between the patron and TBBL.

While any member of the TBBL Library staff can help you, your own reader advisor will know your reading likes and dislikes best. They also are concerned about making sure that you are receiving the kind of books you like and in large enough quantities so that you don’t run out of books to read. As your reading interests change, your reader advisor is there to help you get the most out of TBBL's audio, large print and Braille book collection.