Returning Your Machine

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What happens if your player breaks? Like all equipment, it will eventually need service. If your machine malfunctions, as with any problem or question, don't worry. Simply contact your reader advisor.

If your reader advisor is unable to correct the problem over the phone, you will be instructed to return the machine to the Library and we will send a replacement machine right away. If you still have the original box, just place the machine in that box, turn the mailing label over so the notched edge is in the upper right hand corner, and place it in the mail. If you no longer have the original box and mailing label, then use any available box to return the machine and use newspapers to pad it.

Again, the postage is free. The important thing to remember is to call us if you are experiencing any difficulties with your machine or if a replacement is necessary. Please do not attempt to repair a machine on your own. It is much easier simply to request a new one.