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Interlibrary Loan Policy

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The State Library of Louisiana lends materials to public, academic and special libraries through interlibrary loan. Libraries that qualify for the service must be administered by a librarian or the equivalent, be organized to perform conventional library services, including circulation control, and must lend to other libraries. Loans are restricted to libraries in educational institutions above secondary level. All requests for materials must be made electronically by OCLC or Loan Shark (Louisiana statewide interlibrary loan system for public libraries), or on approved interlibrary loan forms. Requesting libraries must comply with ALA National Interlibrary Loan Code (1994), the Louisiana Interlibrary Loan Code (adopted 1998), and all copyright regulations.

Louisiana institutional libraries and Louisiana state agency libraries may borrow materials if they meet the above qualifications except they are not required to lend materials to other libraries. Louisiana institutional libraries may serve clientele of secondary educational levels and lower. All institutional and state agency libraries must have filed with the State Library a letter of compliance signed by an official of the organization to which the library belongs, who has fiscal authority. In addition, an application form for State Library services must be completed, signed by the librarian, and returned to the State Library before service can begin.

The State Library will borrow library materials from other libraries for registered patrons and Louisiana public and institutional libraries. There is no charge for borrowing books. Because the State Library does not borrow complete issues of periodicals, requests for photocopies of specific articles are made in compliance with copyright regulations. Every attempt is made to obtain photocopies from lenders who do not charge for copies. There are times when the only lending library charges for its photocopying services; State Library patrons must agree to a $5.00 minimum charge for each photocopy request.

Genealogical Material:

Many items in the State Library’s genealogy collection circulate and may be borrowed through interlibrary loan. Because of the spirit of reciprocity in the ILL code, State Library patrons and parish libraries may request that genealogical material not owned or not circulated by the State Library be borrowed through ILL. Since many libraries do not circulate their genealogy materials, it is wise to include a note in the request stating the name/names that the patron is researching. The lending library may be able to send a copy of the index to the book or photocopy pages pertaining to the desired name. As when requesting journal article photocopies, please state how much the patron is willing to pay for the copies. The minimum amount is usually $5.00.