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Statewide Services

Educational and informational databases are provided with access through the public libraries for all Louisiana citizens.

Through the interlibrary loan system for all 68 public library systems, the public libraries can obtain any library materials from anywhere in the world for their citizens that their local budgets cannot afford.

To enhance the interlibrary loan system, a van delivery service transports these materials that are borrowed and lent among all public libraries and university libraries.

Consulting services are provided to all of Louisiana’s public libraries on any library related topic. These topics include: library law, construction, personnel, library management, library finance, continuing education, orientations for new directors and boards, and public relations.

State Aid to Public Libraries is a program of the State Library that provides direct funds to all of Louisiana’s public library systems. In 2009, direct funds totaled $1,300,000. These dollars are given out on a parish by parish basis.  Libraries spend this money on technology enhancements and collection development.