State Aid

State Aid to Public Libraries is state money placed in the State Library budget that is allocated for distribution to all parish public libraries. The disbursement is based on a formula where each parish receives a base grant. The remainder of the available funds is distributed by the population, with each eligible entity—parish or municipal library—receiving the appropriate per capita amount.  The Administrative Code (Title 25:3101) establishes the guidelines for public library receipt of state aid.  The conditions to be met are as follows: 1) the library must be legally established according to Louisiana Revised Statue 25:211 et seq, 2) the library must agree to serve all patrons with free basic library service with no denial of service, 3) the library must show evidence of working toward the Louisiana Library Association’s Standards for Public Libraries, 4) the library must endorse the interlibrary loan code adopted by the Louisiana Library Association to assure interlibrary availability of materials purchased with state aid funds, and 5) state aid funds are to be expended only for library collection materials and/or for technology enhancement, not for personnel or other operating expenditures.

Statewide Impact
According to the “2008 Public Libraries in Louisiana: Statistical Report ,”  Louisiana public libraries have increased library visits, circulation, reference transactions, programs and attendance, electronic resource usage, and electronic database usage.